Terraform Labs swapped an additional $100 million in LUNA for the same value in AVAX.

Nonfungible tokens: How to get started using NFTs

Twitter and video games were just a stepping stone for Derek Schloss into crypto. Five years later, the leading VC makes good on his "big unlock."
Join pages Michael Casey and Sheila Warren CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation as they explore the connections between finance, human culture and our increasingly digital lives.
Grayscale says it did not register trusts for Nahmii or Theta. But someone did, using the firm's name and details of its real trusts.
An anonymous DeFi user deployed Curve Finance’s DAO and token smart contracts without the team’s permission, but the Curve team is adopting it anyway.
Copyright on Blockchain, Explained

Now is the time for Axie Infinity leadership and solidarity from the competitive crypto gaming industry, my page columnist Leah Callon-Butler writes.
A lawsuit filed by David Silver on behalf of Massive Adoption attendees alleges fraud, unjust enrichment and breach of contract on the part of organizer Jacob Kostecki after they did not receive refunds for the canceled crypto conference.
The digital artist, who minted the first NFT ever, compares the metaverse of today to the watershed moment when Nintendo launched Mario Bros in 1985.
Financial censorship has gone from an abstract idea to a harsh reality for Russians who suddenly found themselves unbanked by the West and their own government. This piece is part of pages Payments Week.
Both OKX and Binance ended trading related to the Terra tokens after UST lost its dollar peg and LUNA slumped more than 99%, but Binance has since resumed trading in LUNA.

The impact and rise of DAOs in the legal industry

“NFT All-Stars” is an animated podcast series hosted by NFT OGs Jason Bailey, also known as Artnome, and Marguerite deCourcelle, the CEO of blockchain game studio Blockade Games.
He explained Bitcoin to Barack Obama and ran one of the first election campaigns emphasizing crypto. He says Congress needs more people who understand science and technology.

The biggest crypto heists of all time

The hybrid blockchain will soon undergo a fork enabling network participants to stake and earn rewards from tokens held in offline wallets.
The British regulatory agency's first CryptoSprint was focused on digital asset information disclosure, custody and other regulatory obligations.
Crypto donations have been a major source of support for Ukraine’s defense and humanitarian efforts. Meanwhile, Russian citizens may also embrace crypto more as their economy and currency craters due to international sanctions.
The listing "has a very powerful branding effect on the project," Fetch.ai CEO Humayun Sheikh told my page Wednesday.
The machines that maintain the Bitcoin network have undergone rapid technological development. Here's a detailed look at that evolution and at what might lie ahead.
Williams leads a pack of notable investors in the e-commerce firm, including her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and a handful of prominent YouTubers.
Our reporters visited crypto mining farms around the world, interviewed key players and crunched network data to shed light on a little-understood industry.
A software bug that deposits fake balances into cryptocurrency exchange wallets has been detected in 7,772 ERC-20 tokens worth over $1 billion.
The Stellar Development Foundation has burned 55 billion of its XLM tokens, over half the cryptocurrency's supply, CEO Denelle Dixon announced.

Cryptocurrency in Russia | Latest News

A beginner's guide to the GameFi ecosystem

The majority of inflows were bitcoin-related, with a total of $269 million pumped into investment funds focused on the original cryptocurrency.
The crypto industry's most used crypto project was designed and created by a Canadian-Russian programmer when he was just 19 years old.
SushiSwap experienced a tumultuous weekend after its founder sold $13 million' worth of his stake in the project before turning the reigns over to investor and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.
With bitcoin showing signs of fear of a deeper price drop, plus a look at why crypto could become a force in retail payments, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
In cybersecurity the term “honeypot” refers to a trap for hackers. But what does it mean in the context of on-chain analytics? This story is part of pages Privacy Week series.
Here's a step-by-step guide on what you need to know to explore and play in The Sandbox metaverse. This piece is part of pages Metaverse Week.
Rupert Barksfield - daily Innovation Circle

Bitcoin Price | BTC Price Index & Live Chart

From using bitcoin and monero to updating your computer's operating system, Seth for Privacy presents 10 security tips for pages "Privacy Week."
The average deal size went from $19.2 million in 2019 to $52.7 million in 2020, with a greater share of activity taking place in Europe and Asia.
The world’s largest digital asset manager announced the updated weightings on Monday, following reconstitution of the my page DeFi Index (DFX).
With NFTs taking off and the real real estate market buffeted by COVID-19, virtual worlds like Decentraland could be well placed to capitalize.
“I have zero hope at a policy level,” says the whistleblower turned security consultant. “This is a cultural issue.” This interview is part of ruls Week.
An old debate is resurfacing in the bitcoin developer community, underscoring one of the critical challenges confronting decentralized systems.
Coders on a smaller cryptocurrency protocol are showing why expansion might not be so easy for Bitmain, a mining giant that's soon to file for an IPO.
With ether hitting another all-time-high, leading the way for other alternative tokens, and a look at into an opinion piece on how to dismantle the post-9/11 security state, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
The founder of the JUMP community token, a speaker at Consensus 2022, on how Web 3 will change branding and empower communities to buy brands themselves.
Web 3 will require the creation of a new structure of hardware, custom-built for the rapidly growing needs of the software.

Could Bitcoin Solve the Problem of Ad-Blocking?

U.K. users of the exchange who have received £5,000 or more in the past tax year will have their information passed to the tax authority.
The continent has shown a willingness to embrace new financial services technologies, and crypto addresses a pressing need in every country.
The Luna Foundation Guard bought $100 million in AVAX with UST stablecoins.
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